Sunday, September 14, 2014

Build A Bear and Smiley360!

Thanks to Smiley360 we were chosen for a Build A Bear mission!  :)  What kid doesn't love Build A Bear?  And what MOM doesn't love watching her kid have fun!?!?  :)

Eli had a choice between a Super Hero bear, a My Little Pony and a Princess Palace Pets.  He chose the Capitan America Bear.  :)

After choosing his bear, Eli took his bear to get stuffed!

Then Eli had to choose a special heart for his Capitan America.  He got to make a wish and kiss it before putting it in!

Then Capitan America was off to a bath and brush to make sure he was EXTRA fluffy!

Then Eli got to make a personalized birth certificate OFFICIALLY naming Capitan America and making Eli his official owner!

Eli had a great time!  :)  BUT, we didn't leave without a bear for Jack too!  ;)  Jack's bear is named Patch.  :)

SO MUCH FUN was had by all!  I highly recommend a trip to Build A Bear for anyone who hasn't been there or who hasn't been there in awhile.  It is super fun!  :)

Thanks Smiley360 for the chance to do this FOR FREE!