Tuesday, May 21, 2013

AWESOME new (to me!) Subscription Box! **MIGHTEE KIDS**

Ok, so I am working on what this blog will look like...  It looks more and more like a Mommy Blog that talks about everything under the sun!  :)  I like it!

So I might post about different things and I am REALLY excited to post about this one!

There is a new (to me!) subscription box that I want to tell you all about!  :)  Mightee Kids is a tee shirt subscription box for kids.  It is ALSO a way to support different charities!  I LOVE IT! 

"Teach. Love. Share.  Teach your kids to Love less fortunate kids by Sharing $5 from each shirt!" 

This month's (May) shirt is sending soccer balls (indestuctable!) to war-torn parts of Africa for the children!  LOVE IT!  The charity is called FUNDaFIELD.  This is what the shirt looks like for this month:

Be sure to check out Mightee Kids for your kids!  
If you sign up for the monthly box it is $18.50 a box, if you want to buy one time it is $19.95 a shirt.

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