Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Cotton Bunny BFF Box Review

This is my first My Cotton Bunny box and I am SUPER excited!  Who would have ever thought of sending the esentials that women need every month with a few extras to help get through "that time of the month" week?!  I think it's totally awesome!  :) 

Every month they will send a box with your choice of tampons or pads (you can choose different sizes and brands!), some chocolate and a few little extras.  It's a nice way to pamper your self during a yuck time of the month!

The box... Super cute!
What was in the box when I opened it.

This month had a mint chocolate and a chocolate covered pretzel. 
And these are the tampons that I choose. 

A super cool lip balm made just for My Cotton Bunny! 
It even uses a plant that is used to help with cramps!

The bracelet was another little gift this month.  They even sent me a PINK one!  WIN!

Bracelet with the flash on.

Over all I LOVE this box!  :)  I am super excited about the lip balm and will try the candy.  Yeah for a box that meets a need as well as a box that has treats!  :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prize Pack from Peter Rabbit Organics and Wee Can Too Art

WOW!  Our prize pack came from Eli's winning Easter Bunny drawing!

This is from Peter Rabbit Organics...

WOW!  It was packed full of great stuff!  We got 10 organic pouches, 2 Peter Rabbit stickers, 2 Annie's cheddar bunnies packs, 2 advertisements for them and a cute little Easter card!  It was wonderful!  :)

And this is from Wee Can Too Art...

This is a Nature's Magic Egg Dyeing Kit!  Just in time for dyeing our Easter eggs tomorrow!  :)  This kit alone is worth $16.00!!

This was a great prize pack!  I am super excited about trying the egg kit and Eli loves the pouches!  :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eli's Easter Bunny

This is Eli's Easter Bunny.  Her name is Fifa. 

Eli used his new crayons from his Citrus Lane box this month to draw her.  He drew her all by himself. 

And he won a contest with her!!!

He will be recieving some yummy yummy pouches from Peter Rabbit Organics and a all natural egg dying kit from Wee Can Too Art Supplies.  I am super excited that he was picked as a winner!  And I can't wait to try out the egg dying kit this week when it gets here!  :)  We already know that Peter Rabbit tastes yummy!  :) 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ecocentric Mom Baby Box Opening March

This is our last Ecocentric Mom box for awhile...  :(  But since I am no longer working, some things have to go and unfortunately, this was one of the things.  :(

The box

They always include some little post cards with info on it

The Petroleum Jelly Alternative samples

Squishy Snack Pak
Super excited about this!  I have been wanting to try one since I am making Jack's food!  :)

Living Green Baby Natural Bamboo Lux Wipes

Branam All Natural Xylitol Tooth Gel
Eli has this already and is not impressed...  We shall see!

Nature's Bakery Fig Bar
I will try them!  You never know!  :)

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen
Love this stuff!  :)

Hazel Village 3 postcards
Really cute!  Love the bunnies near Easter time!

$10.00 Sprout San Francisco Gift Card
Sample of Esipencial
$50.00 iTRAIN Gift Card
I will be totally using the sample.  Still looking into the gift cards!  :)

This was an extra little something they sent because they messed up my billing this month.  :)
Some body scrub and eye makeup remover. 
I appreciate the fact that they did this even after fixing the issue!  :)
Box price $21.00
Box worth $86.18!!
Favorite item: The Snack Pak!!  I can't wait to use it!

I will miss this subscription!  Hopefully I will be able to swing it again one day!

Book and Beauty Cravebox Review

This is my first Cravebox and I am SUPER impressed!   I LOVE books and the beauty part was a bonus that I don't usually indulge in so it's exciting!  :)
The box

Inside was a little card talking about Cravebox
All of the fantastic products!
Mistress of My Fate
 Anyone who knows me at all knows that I LOVE histroical romance novels!  I am SUPER excited about this book!  This is the whole reason that I bought the box!  :)

A sample of Biore, a postcard about Vaseline and an invite to an onlin Arbonne Cosmetics party.

John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner
Vaseline Total Moisture
Box cost $15.00
Box worth $36.77
Favorite item: Totally the book!

I can't wait till the next Cravebox that I am interested in!  They have so many great options for instant boxes and I am sure you will find one you love!

Citrus Lane March Box Opening

We have subscribed to Citrus Lane for awhile and love it! Eli loves getting his box in the mail and I love seeing what they send! :)
The box.

The fun stuff!!
Faber Castell Beeswax Crayons
Eli loved these and used them to win a
Easter Bunny drawing contest!
Eli REALLY loved these!  Look at the pictures
at the end of the post...  He took them out to play
right after we opened the box!
Mudpuppy Make-A-Mask Jungle Set
This is really cool!  The masks come ready to color
with the eyes already cut out.  They also come with string
to tie the mask on!

Just Bananas Snack
Eli really doesn't like dried fruit...  But mama does!  ;)

A JustFab $20 off code. 
Unfortunately won't be using this.  :(

The box cost $25.00
Box worth is $54.97
Favorite thing in the box: The Construtables!  Check out Eli enjoying them! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Julep First Subscri[tion Box...

So I LOVE nail polish...  I do.  Maybe a little to much!  :)  I don't wear a lot of make up, but I love a good pedicure!  So imagine my happiness when I came upon Julep.  It's basically a monthly delivery box that brings you 3 season friendly nail polish colors.  :)  It's $20.00 a month so I won't be subscribing...  But it was fun to get the free first box and the colors are great!  :)
This was the box that it came in.
The welcome note!
After doing the little quiz that they have, they said that I was
in the "bombshell" category for style...  lol
This was how the packaging looked.  Cute and wrapped so the
nail polish wouldn't crack.
And the nail polish!  The one is an essential cuticle oil,
the middle one is a gold tone and the right one is sparkles! 
Kathleen and Chelsea are the names.  LOVE THEM!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bluum Baby Box, February 2013

This is going to be our last Bluum Baby Box...  I have enjoyed it but I am tired of the shipping delays.  :(  Plus this box brought some repeats.  Over all I have enjoyed this box, but they are going through some growing pains and you might stear clear for another month or so....  :)  Now on to the review!  :)

The Bluum Baby Box...  Next month they will start a new box that is bigger and has more full sized items.
This is the little card with some info about the box.  This box was called Solids.

CUTE CUTE Spoon!  The oogaa baby silicone spoon in the shape of an airplane.  LOVE THIS!
These are some samples of GO Energy for the skin.  I am not into these... 
But I will put them into a basket for our March of Dimes auction!  :)

This is a coupon code for $25 off of $50 from 7 A.M. Enfant.  I will not be using this either... 
We don't need warm clothes here in Florida and I don't have $50 to drop! 

This is another favorite!  :)  Rockin Green Laundry Detergent sample in Smashing Watermelon.  :)
 YUMMY scent and great stuff!  (I still can't figure out why some of the pictures upload sideways!  :()

This is Tender Defender diaper rash cream!  YEAH!  I love natural diaper rash creams and since
Jack gets diaper rash more often than Eli ever did, we use a lot!

This is another cool item.  It's NurturMe dried organic babyfood. 
You add water and mix and PRESTO you have babyfood!  Great for traveling!

This is a sample of Wexy baggies.  We got 4 sample baggies.  Eli LOVES these!  But they are a a repeat.

Over all:  A good box.  Love the spoon and detergent sample!
Box worth: $18.58 so worth a little more than we paid for the box.