Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bluum March 2014

This is the Bluum March 2014 box for a 4 year old boy.  I got Eli a 3 month subscription after seeing a January box.  But I haven't been super impressed by the boxes and I don't think I am going to renew after next month.  I think we are going back to Citrus Lane or I might subscribe him to Nerd Box Jr for boys.  :)  We will see!  lol

Anyways, Bluum is $24.99 a month and there is a discount for multiple month subscriptions.  They go from ages 0-5.  :)

This is the box!  :)

Sleep Sheep Soothing Puppet ($18.95)  This is cute, it a puppet AND a hot/cold pack.  So if the kid is feeling sick, you can use the hot/cold pack.  I like that.  Eli likes it because it reminds him of Lambie from Doc McStuffins.  lol

Parents Click Clack Bell ($9.99)  I am not sure Eli will like this, but I am hoping.  lol.  Saving it for his Easter basket!
Shark Skinzz foldable water bottle ($6.99)  Eli won't like this.  He has one and doesn't use it.  :(

Raspberry Fig Bar ($0.65)  Not really into this one.
Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut ($1.20)  This was DELICIOUS!  lol.  :)  I wouldn't mind more of these!  ;)

Paid $15.00
Value $37.78

The value is there, but I feel like this box does NOT do a good job catering to the 4 year old boy age group.  :/  We shall see what next month brings!  :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Box Me Mommy March 2014

Box Me Mommy is my FAVORITE monthly box right now!  I love that there is an option for Mommy + Us!  That is the one that we are subscribed to, so we get items for a 1 year old, 4 year old and mom!  :)

Box Me Mommy prices vary depending on what box you order, with the Mommy + Us box the cost is $33.00 a month.  But recently they have been sending out discounts!  So sign up for their emails!  :)

On to the FANTASTIC box!  :)

Woot woot!  (There is 1 item that is missing from this picture, but it's in the unboxing!)

These are the 1 year old items....

Alphabet Zoo ABC House Blocks ($24.99)  Jack will love these!  Saving them for his Easter basket! :)

Re-Play Bowls ($4.99)  These are so cool!  They are made from recycled milk jugs.  And we can always use more bowls! 

These are the 4 year old items....

Zoo Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag set ($12.00) I have been wanting a set of these!  And now we have them!  lol

Re-Play 8 Pack Utensils ($4.65)  We have a set of these and love them!  So these are a great addition!  :)

This is a shared item...

Ready for Spring book ($7.16)  We love books so this is a welcome addition to our book shelf!


These are the mommy items...
The KIND bars are an extra in my box because one of mine was ruined from my box last month!  So they threw 2 into my box this month!  Lovely customer service!!  :) :)
Germ Fighti'n Hand Lotion ($9.99) This smells AWESOME!  It says to use it before and after diaper changes.  I will!  lol
Butter London nail polish ($15.00)  LOVE Butter London nail polish!  So excited to get this!  :)
Paid $28.00
Value $78.78
Once again, Box Me Mommy hit it out of the ballpark!  I really love this box!  Woo-hoo!!!!!

Citrus Lane March 2014

This is Eli's last Citrus Lane, but Jack will keep getting it.  :)  And I am thinking that Eli will get re-subscribed in the end too, lol.

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5.  We have loved it for a long time!  :)  Some months are great, some aren't but that is the way it goes with sub boxes!  :)  The cost is $29.00 for month to month with a discount if you sub for multiple months.

Let's get on to the boxes!

Here is Eli's box:  (4 year old boy)

Woo hoo!!

Petit Collage Memory Game ($15.00)  Eli loves memory!  And He really loved this game!  :)

Me4Kids Medi Buddy ($5.99) We have gotten one of these already in a CL box.  :/  But it is something that you can use another of!  :)

Hello Hanna Monkey Hello Book ($9.95)  This looks like fun!  Eli will enjoy making the story up!  :)

Hape Toys Bamboo Vehicle ($6.52)  Eli has gotten 2 of these in past boxes too, but this is a new design.  :)

Jack's Box:  (1 year old boy)

Yeah!  First, I liked how this box was "themed".  It had 2 safari items and 2 wellness items!  :)

Me4Kids Medi Buddy ($5.99)  We got this same thing in Eli's box. 
CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes ($3.89)  We have gotten this in a previous CL box too, SIGH!  But again, this is a good item to have multiple of.
Chronicle Books You Are My Baby Book ($7.92) This is so cute!  You can open the big part of the book to the different animals and the smaller part of the book to different baby animals to match the animal baby's and mama's!
Hape Qubes ($9.75)  These are so cute!  Jack loves animals and these will be well played with!  :)
Paid $18.75
Value $37.46
Paid $11.00
Value $27.55
Both boxes were great this month!  :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

BirchBox March 2014

This is my last BirchBox.  I really enjoyed the first one I received, but the last two were NOT a win.  I just can't see myself spending $10.00 on something that I am just not impressed with.  :(  I really wanted to be impressed.  But I wasn't.  :(

But let's see what is in the box anyways!  :) 

This is the Spring Forward box that I received:

Air Repair Rescue Balm (Full size $12.00) 
Coola Tinted Matte (Full size $36.00)  I have tried this before and liked it so I am not sad to have another one!  :)
Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper (Full size $10.00) Curly hair is the bane of my existence!  So I am happy to try this!
Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator (Full size $34.00)
Beauty Extra
Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches (Full size $9.95)  I don't like hot drinks, but maybe I can cool it off with ice?! 
Ghirardelli's Cherry Tango Square

Over all this box was ok.  I liked the Coola and the Curl Keeper but I'm not really impressed by anything else.  :(
I re-subscribed to GlossyBox this month and I hope it's a hit!  I need a good box!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask #powerofplants

I was so lucky when I got chosen to receive the J'Adore VoxBox from Influenster to try awesome products for FREE! 

One that I had never heard of or tried before was the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask.  I must say I am in love!  :)

First of all, I am about to be 30 years old and I still deal with outbreaks!  :( 

When I opened the bottle, it was a little liquidy but apparently it is supposed to be!  lol.  The mask went on my face so smoothly and I started to feel it working right away.  About 10 minutes after I put it on, it was completely dry and I washed it off very easily. 

My face had that "squeaky clean" feeling that your face has right out of the shower.  And the next day I had very few outbreaks!  It was awesome!  And the "outbreak-freeness" lasted for about 2 days! 

Over all I was really impressed by the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask!  :)