Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bluum March 2014

This is the Bluum March 2014 box for a 4 year old boy.  I got Eli a 3 month subscription after seeing a January box.  But I haven't been super impressed by the boxes and I don't think I am going to renew after next month.  I think we are going back to Citrus Lane or I might subscribe him to Nerd Box Jr for boys.  :)  We will see!  lol

Anyways, Bluum is $24.99 a month and there is a discount for multiple month subscriptions.  They go from ages 0-5.  :)

This is the box!  :)

Sleep Sheep Soothing Puppet ($18.95)  This is cute, it a puppet AND a hot/cold pack.  So if the kid is feeling sick, you can use the hot/cold pack.  I like that.  Eli likes it because it reminds him of Lambie from Doc McStuffins.  lol

Parents Click Clack Bell ($9.99)  I am not sure Eli will like this, but I am hoping.  lol.  Saving it for his Easter basket!
Shark Skinzz foldable water bottle ($6.99)  Eli won't like this.  He has one and doesn't use it.  :(

Raspberry Fig Bar ($0.65)  Not really into this one.
Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut ($1.20)  This was DELICIOUS!  lol.  :)  I wouldn't mind more of these!  ;)

Paid $15.00
Value $37.78

The value is there, but I feel like this box does NOT do a good job catering to the 4 year old boy age group.  :/  We shall see what next month brings!  :)

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