Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Box Me Mommy February 2014

So excited to have found a box like this!  This is Box Me Mommy and this box contains things for mom AND kids!  Yes, there is an option for MULTIPLE kids!  :)  Woo Hoo!!!

This is the Mommy + Us box for Mom, 1 year old and 4 year old.  Woot! 

The cost of this box is $33.00 a month, with a discount if you purchase a multiple month subscription. 

(Oh and they go up to age 6!!!  Not a lot of boxes go to that age!)

So lets see the awesomeness!  :)

This is the box!  Cuteness!  And it was a BIG box!  It was about 1 hand tall and about 3 hands wide!  WOW!

First peak at the goodies.  They include a product list in the box.  :)

All the goodness!  :)

The snacks:
Smart Puffs Real Wisconsin Cheddar X2 ($2.00)  I am hoping that Eli will like them, I know Jack will!  lol
Ghirardelli Milk and Caramel Squares ($4.98)  YUMM-O! 
KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt X3 ($4.20) This is my favorite KIND bar!  :)  But one was open...  :(  I emailed them and will see what they say!

The toys:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? ($6.50)  We don't have this book, so it's a welcome addition!
Green Toys Race Car ($8.79)  Jack was so excited to see this!  Eli was too! 
Hape Toys Little Plane ($9.38)  This was pretty exciting to see too!  lol.

Paid: $28.00 (had a discount)
Value: $35.85

We liked this box!  A LOT!  lol.  It's right up there as my second favorite box! :)  I am looking forward to next months!  :)

Citrus Lane Feb 2014

Well, this was Eli's last Citrus Lane and of course it was a good month!  lol.  ;)  Jack will continue getting CL so you won't miss reviews!  :)

Citrus Lane is $29.00 a month, less if you buy a multiple month subscription.  They will send 4-5 items a month curated for you based on your gender/age profile. 

This is the 16 month old box for February

It was a HIT with Jack!  :)

Boon Dive Bath Appliques ($7.98)  I am amazed at how Jack and Eli both love these!  :)  Cool colors and designs!

Oogaa Silicone Bowl ($8.99)  We LOVE Oogaa products!  Microwave safe and they don't make a lot of noise when Jack throws them!  lol
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream ($5.00)  This is ok,  I don't love hand cream.  lol

Barefoot Books Starlight Sailor ($14.99)  We always love new books!  :)

Now onto Eli's box for a 4 year old boy!

This is one of the best 4 year old boxes we have gotten!  :)

Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bin ($14.99)  LOVE this!  We love Skip Hop and this is so cute for storage!

Plan Toys Tie-Up Shoe ($9.66)  LOVE this!  Eli will be able to learn to lace and tie!
Barefoot Books Skip Through the Seasons ($6.64)  Love this to teach Eli about the seasons!
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream ($5.00) Again, don't love hand cream!  lol

Paid: $11.00
Value: $36.96

Paid: $18.75
Value: $36.29

We enjoyed both boxes this month!  :)  I thought they were original and no repeat items!  :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

BirchBox February 2014

Ok!  So I already got my second BirchBox!  :)  I didn't love this one like I did the last one, but I liked it!  :)

BirchBox is $10.00 a month and they send 4-5 sample sized products based on your profile.

February's BirchBox was curated by US Weekly stylists!  They are bringing Red Carpet fashion to your door this month!

Let's get to it!

Ayres Bar Soap ($3.00)  I like bar soap a lot!  lol.  So this was a perfect choice for my box!
Beauty Protector Protect and Oil ($3.00)  I am always trying new things in my hair so this was a win too!
Eleven Skin Eye Cream and Concealer ($3.00)  I like to try different concealers so this is cool.
Juara Candlenut Body Cream ($2.00)  I really only use Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream, but I stuck this in my overnight bag.
Juicy Couture La La Malibu ($1.00)  This was my least favorite item.  I liked the scent but there wasn't much to try out.  Stuck this in the over night bag too.

Paid: $10.00
Estimated Value: $12.00

I liked this box, but I hope that next month's box brings a nail polish!  :)  I am totally jealous of the 2 that were in this months boxes that some got!

J'Adore VoxBox Review (Influenster)

I LOVE being an Influenster!  I get AWESOME products to review and I do so love trying new things!  ;)  So I was STOKED when I was chosen to get the J'Adore VoxBox!  Woot woot!  So lets get to it!

Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask: I LOVE me some masks!  ;)  And I really love clay ones! 
Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolates:  I LOVE Kisses!  And I was so excited to see a FAMILY SIZE bag in here!  Hershey's chocolate is so creamy and delicious...  There isn't really any other chocolate that I can think of that tastes as good! 
Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flay Iron Spray:  My hair is SUPER curly and crazy.  This is going to come in good use!
Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes:  I am not a lash person so I am excited to try these out.  They don't look so intimidating.. 
Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas: Again not really into hot tea, but I am planning on cooling these down with some ice cubes.  lol
Vaseline Men Spray Lotion: Rick needs lotion...  So this is a great way to try some out for him!  ;)

I love this box!  :)  I am so excited that I got it all for FREE to try out thanks to Influenster!  Thanks guys!  :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Soap Box!

My FAVORITE box came!  YEAH!  I <3 Fortune Cookie Soap boxes!  :)  This is the Spring Soap box and let me tell you, all I had to do was open the mailbox and I could SMELL this box!  So so delicious!  :)

OMG!  I can't even believe that it's here!  lol

Me So Thorny Steam Me Up Scotty! (Smells like citrus, lavender, French vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood)
The Bloom Bloom Room Bath Fizzy (Smells like jasmine, lilac and lily of the valley, fresh peach, citrus and spun sugar!

Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter (Smells like lavender, sage, basil, vodka and MARSHMALLOW!)
Make it Rain Whipped Cream (citrus, jasmine, musk and cedarwood)  LOVE this! 
                                                  I don't usually use lotions, but this whipped cream is a MUST! 

Venus Fly Trap Perfume Oil (smells like water orchid, lemon and pink jasmine!)
Forbidden Fruit Fortune Cookie Soap (smells like verbena, blueberry and lemon)

Native Nectar Body Wash (smells like coconut!)
Afternoon Delight OCD (smells like watermelon, apricots and white florals!)

NOW can you see why my mailbox smelled so good?!?  All these flowers and fruits!  YUMM-O!!

The price of the FCSB is $19.00, BUT you get a $10.00 code in your box to use on the website or in the store!  So it's like paying $9.00 for the box!  :)  TOTALLY worth it in my opinion!  :)

Googaro February 2014

So I saw a sale on Googaro boxes for $18.00 for 1 month... So I bit for Jack and got one!  :)  I am not keeping this subscription though I would LOVE to!  It is a fantastic box and I think that I should have gotten this one as the annual subscription for Jack but ce-la-vie!  :)

Googaro is $35.00 a month, you choose an age group and they send you 4-5 full sized products a month.  :)

This little elephant is SO CUTE!

All the goodies in the box!

Episcencial Snuggly Lotion ($15.00)  I used this on Jack tonight and he loved it!  Smells nice and goes on nice too!
Elmo Loves You ($3.99)  Jack LOVES Elmo right now so this is a favorite!

Maple Landmark Spinny Toy ($9.50)  I love classic toys like this and Jack likes spinning the blocks.
Big Dipper Aromatherapy Tin ($3.00) A fun mommy add in!  :)

Boon Modware Toddler Utensils ($11.99)  Love these!  Love the Boon brand!  Can't wait to try them!

Paid $18.00
Value $43.48

I LOVED this box!  I can't wait till I can get another one for Jack!  :)

Mabel's Labels Chatterbox

We were chosen for a Mabel's Labels Chatterbox from House Party!  :)

I am SUPER excited!  Why?  Because I have been wanting to try Mabel's Labels FOREVER!  :)  So we got Eli's name on the labels because he will be going to VPK next August.

He choose the shark for the design.  Super cute!  :) 

When we got chosen for the Chatterbox, we got a FREE basic kit.  So we received 24 Skinny-Minis, 42 Tag Mates, 8 Shoe Labels and 2 Bag Tags!  We also received some $10 off coupon codes!  (So if someone would like one, please let me know!)

These stickers are great!  They will stick on most anything and stay there so that things will be returned to the owner!  I love that!  I just wish that there was a tracker in the shoe stickers so that I could find the shoes in the house!  lol.  ;)

The bag tags are perfect for back packs, lunch boxes, duffle bags, anything that might need a tag! 

Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of the Mabel's Labels labels and bag tags!  :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BirchBox January 2014

So this is my first BirchBox from January.  :)  I really liked this box! 

The cost of the box is $10.00 a month and you will get 4-5 samples in each box curated to you (you fill out a profile to state what kind of items you would like.)

Here is my first box!

Included in this box was...

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle ($4.00)
Evenly Radiant Skincare Collection ($1.00)
Ruby Wing Nail Polish ($3.00) (LOVE THIS!  It changes color in the sun!!)
Whish Three Whishes Body Butter ($3.00)
Reviver Dry Deodorant Wipe ($2.99)  (Lifestyle Extra)

Paid $10.00
Value $13.99

Over all I really liked my first box!