Sunday, October 27, 2013

M is for Monster November 2013

M is for Monster is weekly educational activities delivered each month.  I am IN LOVE!  :)  This is the November box so we haven't started to use it yet, but I wanted to show off the box.  :)

How cool!  :) 

Each week there are 2-3 activities for the week.  They send all the supplies that you need.

M is for Monster starts a $32.95 for a month.  :)  I am super excited about this box!

Binkabox October 2013

Binkabox is a great box.  I love that you can choose from different options of starter, Binkabox or premium.  We have the starter box, just a little something for Jack.  :)  So this is the starter box for a 1 year old.  :)

The goodies.  :)  With the starter box you get 1-2 items in each box.  :)

Plush Monster ($12.00)  This is cute. 

Pirate Mask ($9.00)  This is more for Eli's age...  :)

Paid: $9.00
Value: $21.00

I like the value of the box.  I hope we get some use out of them!  :)

Green Kids Crafts- October 2013

We have a 3 month subscription to Green Kids Crafts and this was our first month!  They had a sale last month that you could get the box for $15.00 a month so we decided to try it.  :)  We do lots of crafts at our "school" time that we have so you can never have to many craft boxes!  :)

This months theme was Rainforest.  :)  I forgot to take a picture of the whole box...  :/

Here is Eli ready to make his rainforest animals!

This was fun!  Eli loved the bird!  :)

That is his bird face.  lol

Here we are making a Rainforest Theater.  :)

And here is the theater!  :)  Eli put on a show with the animals.  :)

There was another craft...  It was a rainforest pocket book.  But Eli made it into a Butterfly book.  lol.  :)

This is a good box.  Lots of crafts and green items.  :)  We will see how next months box is!  :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Goodies Box- October 2013

This is the last Goodies box!  :(  I am really sad over this!  :(  I have signed up to try Love With Food next month and will see how things go.  But I don't think it will be as good as Goodies.  :/

All the goodies!  :)

Guylian Belgium Chocolate SeaShells ($1.73)  These look good!  :)

Choco-Be Fluffy Biscuit ($1.00)  Interesting...  lol

Easy Make Pizza Dough (about $4.00)  Interesting...  We will see if we make this.  :)

Enchanted Chai ($0.75)  I don't really like latte's...  We will see if I try this...  I might pass it on!  lol

K-nourish oatmeal ($1.39)  I don't like hot cereal...  This will be given to my sis!  :)

HappySqueeze Greek Yogurt ($1.52)  Jack will love this!

Enjoy Life S'Mores bar ($0.94)  Yumm!!!!

Lunchables Jr Blueberry Bonanza ($1.98)  Eli will like this.  :)

Paid: NOTHING (Had points for reviewing other products)
Value: $13.31

I am so sad Goodies is closing!  :/

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goodies Kids Box October 2013

This will be the last review for Goodies Kids box...  Not because I am canceling...  because they are shutting down!  :/  It makes me SUPER sad because I really loved the kids box and I enjoyed the tasters box too!  :(  But se-la-vi!

On to the review!  :)

This was one GREAT box!  Eli was excited for a lot of the items in it!  :)

Orbit for Kids ($6.12)  We haven't done gum a lot, but maybe Eli will like this!  :)

Pretzel Crisps ($0.25) Eli LOVES pretzels!  :)

Happy Squeeze Fruit and Veggie Twist ($1.52)  These are a Jack favorite!  :)
Fig Bar ($0.75)

War Heads Sour Twists ($1.25)  Not for Eli.  To sour!
War Heads Sour Chewy Cubes ($1.25)  I tried these and they made my stomach hurt.  :/

GudFud Stuffed Marshmallows ($1.00)
Rockin' ola ($0.60)

Oat Beverage Peach ($2.69) This looks yummy!
Lunchables Jr Teddy Bear Picnic ($1.98)  Eli will like this!  :)

Paid: $7.00
Value: $17.41

Great box!  :)  But I will miss them!  So sad that this is our last box!  :/

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kiwi Crate October 2013 (Glowing Animals)

Kiwi Crate is our new LOVE!  This is the second month that we have recieved Kiwi Crate and we have been blown out of the water with each month!  :)  They send you 2-3 art projects a month with everything that you need to do the projects (glue, stickers, crayons, markers, etc) and they usually send an extra project with some of the supplies too!  Each project comes with detailed instructions.  Eli can make each project with help (he is almost 4) so older kids might be able to do it themselves.  :)

This months crate was about Glowing Animals...


Our first project was the Racing Jellyfish...

Eli loves to race them and see who will win each time!  I love that it's interactive and makes him think!  :)

Next up was making a Glowworm Friend.

Meet Yoda, Eli's Glowworm!  :)  Super easy to make and fun to sleep with!

The bonus project was making a Glow Stick FireFly!  :)  Another fun glowing animal!

Cost: $19.99
Value: PRICELESS!  So much fun with my son!  Makes him think and create and it helps me help him learn!  :)

Citrus Lane October 2013 Unboxing

Citrus Lane is a kids subscription box that we subscribe to annually.  :)  Eli gets it once a month and he loves it!  :)  Citrus Lane is geared towards gender and age of the child.  :)  It cost $25.00 a month, less if you order 3, 6 or 12 months.  You will get 4-5 items in each box.  :)

This is the 4 year old boy box.

This month the box wasn't printed yellow like normal...  It was PINK!  Love it!  Little HEALTH RAISERS!! :)

First look at all the goodies!

Cloud-B Dreamz to go Octo ($18.95)  This is great for night time!  :)  We have a Twilight Turtle too.  :)  Plus this is a brand new product release and this is a first look at it!  :)

Ladybug magazine ($3.77)  A magazine geared towards kids ages 3-7.
Free 3 month digital subscription to Ladybug magazine ($6.00)

BOPS chips ($4.03)  Eli ate these right away and loved them!  :)

Hohner Harmonica ($5.79)

Paid: $18.75 (Annual sub w/ discount)
Value: $38.54

Not my favorite CL box, but that is the beauty of subscription boxes!  Some months knock it out of the park, some months don't!  :)

Ipsy October 2013 Unboxing

I really really REALLY liked my October Ipsy bag!  :)  Ipsy is a great sub box!  Each month you pay $10.00 and you get 5 custom beauty products for you based on the profile you fill in.  Plus every month you get a cute make up bag!  It really is a great value!  :)

The awesome box!  :)  I LOVE the pink packing that it comes in each month!  :)

Each month they incude a card with product info and discounts.
The make up bag this month was pink and white, "Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art."
Costal Scents Medium Shadow Brush ($2.49)  I have started using this already and LOVE IT!

Wet n Wild Photo Op Eyeshadow ($4.99) I like these colors...  I am not a wild color person and I can use these!  :)
Zoya Nail Polish ($8.00) This color is Neve...  I really like it!  It's from the new Fall line and it's a nice color!  :)

Sexy Hair Spray Clay Texturizing Spray Clay ($8.00)  Can never have to much hair stuff!  :)
La Fresh Eco-Beauty Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes ($4.00)  Love trying new face washes/wipes! :)

Paid: $10.00
Value: $27.48

Not the highest valued bag I have ever gotten, but this is one of my favorites!  :)  I loved each thing in this bag!  :)