Saturday, October 26, 2013

Goodies Box- October 2013

This is the last Goodies box!  :(  I am really sad over this!  :(  I have signed up to try Love With Food next month and will see how things go.  But I don't think it will be as good as Goodies.  :/

All the goodies!  :)

Guylian Belgium Chocolate SeaShells ($1.73)  These look good!  :)

Choco-Be Fluffy Biscuit ($1.00)  Interesting...  lol

Easy Make Pizza Dough (about $4.00)  Interesting...  We will see if we make this.  :)

Enchanted Chai ($0.75)  I don't really like latte's...  We will see if I try this...  I might pass it on!  lol

K-nourish oatmeal ($1.39)  I don't like hot cereal...  This will be given to my sis!  :)

HappySqueeze Greek Yogurt ($1.52)  Jack will love this!

Enjoy Life S'Mores bar ($0.94)  Yumm!!!!

Lunchables Jr Blueberry Bonanza ($1.98)  Eli will like this.  :)

Paid: NOTHING (Had points for reviewing other products)
Value: $13.31

I am so sad Goodies is closing!  :/

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