Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goodies Kids Box October 2013

This will be the last review for Goodies Kids box...  Not because I am canceling...  because they are shutting down!  :/  It makes me SUPER sad because I really loved the kids box and I enjoyed the tasters box too!  :(  But se-la-vi!

On to the review!  :)

This was one GREAT box!  Eli was excited for a lot of the items in it!  :)

Orbit for Kids ($6.12)  We haven't done gum a lot, but maybe Eli will like this!  :)

Pretzel Crisps ($0.25) Eli LOVES pretzels!  :)

Happy Squeeze Fruit and Veggie Twist ($1.52)  These are a Jack favorite!  :)
Fig Bar ($0.75)

War Heads Sour Twists ($1.25)  Not for Eli.  To sour!
War Heads Sour Chewy Cubes ($1.25)  I tried these and they made my stomach hurt.  :/

GudFud Stuffed Marshmallows ($1.00)
Rockin' ola ($0.60)

Oat Beverage Peach ($2.69) This looks yummy!
Lunchables Jr Teddy Bear Picnic ($1.98)  Eli will like this!  :)

Paid: $7.00
Value: $17.41

Great box!  :)  But I will miss them!  So sad that this is our last box!  :/

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