Friday, March 21, 2014

Citrus Lane March 2014

This is Eli's last Citrus Lane, but Jack will keep getting it.  :)  And I am thinking that Eli will get re-subscribed in the end too, lol.

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5.  We have loved it for a long time!  :)  Some months are great, some aren't but that is the way it goes with sub boxes!  :)  The cost is $29.00 for month to month with a discount if you sub for multiple months.

Let's get on to the boxes!

Here is Eli's box:  (4 year old boy)

Woo hoo!!

Petit Collage Memory Game ($15.00)  Eli loves memory!  And He really loved this game!  :)

Me4Kids Medi Buddy ($5.99) We have gotten one of these already in a CL box.  :/  But it is something that you can use another of!  :)

Hello Hanna Monkey Hello Book ($9.95)  This looks like fun!  Eli will enjoy making the story up!  :)

Hape Toys Bamboo Vehicle ($6.52)  Eli has gotten 2 of these in past boxes too, but this is a new design.  :)

Jack's Box:  (1 year old boy)

Yeah!  First, I liked how this box was "themed".  It had 2 safari items and 2 wellness items!  :)

Me4Kids Medi Buddy ($5.99)  We got this same thing in Eli's box. 
CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes ($3.89)  We have gotten this in a previous CL box too, SIGH!  But again, this is a good item to have multiple of.
Chronicle Books You Are My Baby Book ($7.92) This is so cute!  You can open the big part of the book to the different animals and the smaller part of the book to different baby animals to match the animal baby's and mama's!
Hape Qubes ($9.75)  These are so cute!  Jack loves animals and these will be well played with!  :)
Paid $18.75
Value $37.46
Paid $11.00
Value $27.55
Both boxes were great this month!  :)

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