Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Cotton Bunny BFF Box Review

This is my first My Cotton Bunny box and I am SUPER excited!  Who would have ever thought of sending the esentials that women need every month with a few extras to help get through "that time of the month" week?!  I think it's totally awesome!  :) 

Every month they will send a box with your choice of tampons or pads (you can choose different sizes and brands!), some chocolate and a few little extras.  It's a nice way to pamper your self during a yuck time of the month!

The box... Super cute!
What was in the box when I opened it.

This month had a mint chocolate and a chocolate covered pretzel. 
And these are the tampons that I choose. 

A super cool lip balm made just for My Cotton Bunny! 
It even uses a plant that is used to help with cramps!

The bracelet was another little gift this month.  They even sent me a PINK one!  WIN!

Bracelet with the flash on.

Over all I LOVE this box!  :)  I am super excited about the lip balm and will try the candy.  Yeah for a box that meets a need as well as a box that has treats!  :)

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