Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smiley360 Mission

Woot Woot!  I was chosen for a Smiley360 mission!  :)

The Campbell's Go Soup mission is what I was chosen for and Eli and I are super excited to try it!  We got the Spicy Churizo soup to try.  There is SO MUCH that Eli and I will both be able to eat it for lunch with plenty to go around!  :)  They also sent a cute little "talk bubble" for a photo op, some tattoo 'staches for finger 'staches and 10 $2.00 coupons to pass out!

Over all I think it's cool that I got choosen for a mission so soon after joining!  :)

And today I got another mission!  Can't wait to get that box!  :)

This is the box... CUTE!
They include this little card and on the back are some suggestions
and instructions for your mission.
This is what the stuff looked like inside the box.

We chose the Spicy Chorizo to try...  Looks so yummy! 
And it's a lot of soup!  Eli and I will eat it for lunch and there will be plenty!

The extras...  A little sign is for a photo op, the tattoos are for finger 'staches
and there are 10 coupons for me to give to people!

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