Friday, March 8, 2013

Bluum Baby Box, February 2013

This is going to be our last Bluum Baby Box...  I have enjoyed it but I am tired of the shipping delays.  :(  Plus this box brought some repeats.  Over all I have enjoyed this box, but they are going through some growing pains and you might stear clear for another month or so....  :)  Now on to the review!  :)

The Bluum Baby Box...  Next month they will start a new box that is bigger and has more full sized items.
This is the little card with some info about the box.  This box was called Solids.

CUTE CUTE Spoon!  The oogaa baby silicone spoon in the shape of an airplane.  LOVE THIS!
These are some samples of GO Energy for the skin.  I am not into these... 
But I will put them into a basket for our March of Dimes auction!  :)

This is a coupon code for $25 off of $50 from 7 A.M. Enfant.  I will not be using this either... 
We don't need warm clothes here in Florida and I don't have $50 to drop! 

This is another favorite!  :)  Rockin Green Laundry Detergent sample in Smashing Watermelon.  :)
 YUMMY scent and great stuff!  (I still can't figure out why some of the pictures upload sideways!  :()

This is Tender Defender diaper rash cream!  YEAH!  I love natural diaper rash creams and since
Jack gets diaper rash more often than Eli ever did, we use a lot!

This is another cool item.  It's NurturMe dried organic babyfood. 
You add water and mix and PRESTO you have babyfood!  Great for traveling!

This is a sample of Wexy baggies.  We got 4 sample baggies.  Eli LOVES these!  But they are a a repeat.

Over all:  A good box.  Love the spoon and detergent sample!
Box worth: $18.58 so worth a little more than we paid for the box.

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