Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grassy Eco River Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!! :) :)

So I am super excited to announce my first giveaway!  But first I want to let you know about the FANTASTIC items I was able to review from a SAHM who owns and runs Grassy Eco River...

You know how every once and awhile after many years, you meet back up with someone who you knew many moons ago?  Well that is how I came to know Grassy Eco River.  :)  A girl (Desirea) I went to school with in elementary school owns and runs this awesome line!  :)  This line of products is all handmade and all natural!  She offers many different products from soap to candles to lip glosses to anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.  So now onto the review!  :)

These are just some of the awesome soaps Grassy Eco River offers.  The bag has 3 cute little hearts in a Hinoki Blossom scent!  YUMM-O!!!!  The soap bricks are Lemongrass and Orange, Froot Loops, Peanut Butter Cookie and Summer Citrus.  OMG!  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful these smell!  Eli loves the Froot Loop one!  :)  And trust me when I say, the Peanut Butter Cookie one smells like you just took it out of the oven!  <3  Past the wonderful scents, these soaps make me feel so clean when I use them!  They leave my skin with a really subtle scent and feeling so clean and soft!

These candles are also handmade by Desirea.  I love the scents of these!  The travel tin candle's scent is Cashmere.  The handpainted painted glass candle is all soy and smells like Hinoki!  They are both beautiful and clean burning.  Wonderful candles and scents!  <3

This is the Springtime hand sanitizer.  It smells good!  And when I use it, MAN do my hands feel clean for awhile afterwards!  The lip glosses (Vanilla and Hey Joe) are wonderful as well!  They leave my lips feeling hydrated and healthy.  They also smell great!  They go on really smoothly and make my lips feel glossy for awhile.  :)

All of these products run between $2.00 and $10.00 on her website!  AMAZING!  :)

Over all, I am REALLY impressed by Grassy Eco River products!  The scents are amazing, they feel wonderful and they are all natural!  Something that I can really get behind!  :)

Now on to the fun part...  THE GIVEAWAY!  :) 

The winner will receive a soap, body spray and travel candle in an available scent of their choice.
This giveaway will end on JULY 24, 2013


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(I received these products free of charge to review.  All opinions are my own. Grassy Eco River will be sending out the prize pack.)

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