Monday, July 29, 2013

SOAR month 3 Review

This is the last month that we will recieve SOAR.  :/  Eli has enjoyed it, but it is a little above his level for now.  I am thinking that when he gets a little older we might resubscribe!  Because how can I not get my little super hero his own super hero box?!  lol.  SOAR is a Super Hero box!  It includes stickers, a comic book, a trading card and an extra special item each month.  :)  Instead of changing the items every month, you will start by recieving month 1, then 2, then 3, etc.  That way you get all the comic books in order!  :)  This sub box is $24.99 each month, and if you sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months you get a discount.

This is SOAR box 3.  We recieved 2 sheets of stickers, a Max trading card, comic book #3 of the series, a retro crayon pen (the one that you take out the color and push up the next one...  like an old fashioned mechanical pencil) and a threadUP bag. 
Our crayon pen tips were all broken except for two!  :(  But I contacted the company and they are sending another one.  :)
Paid: $6.67
I am sad that Eli won't get the super hero box any longer...  But it's ok too because it's still over his head.  :)

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