Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Binkabox August 2013

So this is a new box to us!  I ordered a 6 month subscription for Jack.  :)  I wanted to get him something considering all of us get something!  :) 

Binkabox is cool!  You can order 3 different boxes the Starter box (1-2 products), Binkabox (3-4 products) or Premium (5-6 products).  And the prices range from $9-$32 depending on which box you choose and if you do monthly payment or buy a longer sub!  I love that there is such a low price!  I really miss the way Bluum used to be and I love that this is not totally like that (no samples) but offers a smaller box!  :)

We choose the 6 month plan Starter box for Jack.  Plus I used a code (BINKA) for 10% off so got it for even cheaper than $9 a month!  Woot woot!


Loved the box!  It's really small but was jam packed!  :)

Classy Lil' Sprout Bowtie ($12.00)  CUTENESS!  I can't wait for a day for Jack to wear this!  :)

Finger Puppets ($7.50)  Handmade and perfect for Eli to play with Jack!  :)

Paid $8.59
Value $19.50

I am really excited about this little box for Jack!  I really like the first 2 items they sent!  Can't wait for September to see what comes!  :)

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