Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LootCrate August 2013

LootCrate is a great subscription box for geeks and gamers!  :)  We got this for Rick for Father's Day and this is the last month of our 3 month subscription.  :/  I will keep checking the boxes and will see about re-subbing Rick for Christmas!  :)

This was their 1 year anniversary box!

AMC Walking Dead Mystery Mini ($4.25)  Rick LOVES Walking Dead so this was a hit!


Aperture Laboratories Test Subject Wristband ($3.00?)
Aperture Laboratories Lanyard ($2.00?)  Rick will use this at work!  :)
LootCrate Sticker Set ($1.00?)
ShirtWoot $5.00 Gift Card ($5.00)  Fun!  You can design your own shirts!
Official LootCrate Member Card
Jelly Bellys ($0.25)
Aperture Laboratories Temporary Tattoo ($0.50)
Paid $17.67
Value $34.00
Rick enjoyed this subscription.  :)  I will be looking into resubscribing him for Christmas! :)

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