Thursday, August 15, 2013

Woolzies Review

So I was blessed to have a chance to try out Woolzies!  :)  Now I have a secret...  It's a secret that I think many people have...  But not many of them will admit it.  lol.

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: I don't want to fold my laundry. So I'll restart the dryer. 3 times... a row.
This is me to the MAX!  I DO NOT like laundry!  I have been guilty of restarting the dryer over, adn over, and OVER again!
But I don't have the old "it's not dry yet" excuse any more!  Because I have discovered Woolzies!  :)

First thing that really impressed me was that this box didn't have just two dryer balls in it...  They have SIX!  :) 
They are 100% wool and each handmade!  They reduce drying time by 25%!  And they are safe even if you are allergic to wool!  Plus they are very eco friendly! 
When I threw these in with the kid's laundry I was AMAZED at how fast the clothes dried!  It used to take over 45 minutes to dry, now it took under 30 minutes with the six Woolzies dryer balls!  :)
One of the most impressive things about Woolzies to me is that they are safe to use with kids clothes!  Most other fabric softeners will destroy the fire retardent-ness of kids clothes, but not Woolzies!  I LOVE that about them!  :)
I have tried many other fabric softeners and dryer balls, but I am most impressed with Woolzies!  I highly recommend trying them out and seeing what you think!  I don't think you will be disappointed in Woolzies!  :)
Thank you Woolzies for the chance to review your product for FREE!  :)

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