Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box!

Let me start with THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOX EVER!!!  :)

The is the Fall Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap.  :)  This is a quarterly subscription box.  It cost $19.99 a quarter and they send you samples from the season coming up to try out before they are on sale.  :)  Included in each box is also a $10.00 gift code to use towards your next purchase!  LOVE IT!

My absolute favorite time of the year is fall!  I love pumpkin everything!  I love leafs!  I love FALL!  So this box is AWESOME to me!  Let's dive right into the goodness that is the Fall Soap Box!


All of the goodness!  (The little green paper in the back is the gift code.)  I loved that they even included a cinnamon stick so the smell was great when you opened the box!  :)

Autumn Daze Fortune Cookie Soap-- I love that there is a fortune in each cookie!  :)  And the leaf confetti in the soap is so cute!  Smells awesome!

I Yam What I Yam Said the Marshmallow Whipped Cream--  Smells like the name...  Yams and Marshmallows!  YUM!
Leeeaaf Piiile! Bath Fizzy--  I love these things!  And one that smells like autumn (green apples) is even better!

Pick of the Patch Personal Space--  An air freshener that smells like pumpkins?!  YES PLEASE!!!
Cranberry+Apple=FTW Wax Tarte--  Another fall airfreshener?!  LOVE IT!
These were two things I wasn't expecting in a "soap" box but I love them!  I think I know where my $10 gift code is going!  :)

Indian Summer OCD Hand Sanitizer--  Not my favorite scent...  It was really powerful at first but became better. 

You're Insecure, Donnut What For Milk Bath--  Cinnamon donuts anyone?!  I love taking baths and can't wait for this one!

(Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here) Bath Oil--  Vanilla Cookie bath oil?  Really?  Who would have thought?!

I LOVED THIS BOX!  I am not sure about the retail value because these product's are not for sale yet, but to me this box was TOTALLY worth it!  I can't wait for the fall stuff to hit the website...  I will be "falling" all over it!  ;) 

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