Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Goodies Kids Box- September 2013

So we subscribe to two snack boxes...  Goodies and Goodies Kids.  And I really like them!  :)  They are $7.00 a month and will send you 5-7 snacks to try out.  Sometimes they are ones that we have already tried and sometimes they are new to us!  :)

On to the GOODIES!  :)

I really love the fact that they send things kids would like.  :)

Nesquik Strawberry Cookies ($1.50)  Eli is going to LOVE these!  "Black Cookies" are a favorite right now!  lol

Animeals Organic Pasta Sauce ($5.00??) I can't find a price, but this looks great for the boys!  Always trying to get some veggies in without a fight!  lol

Oogie's - Kettle Corn ($1.25) I LOVE Kettle Corn...  So I am going to steal this!  ;)

Cereal Milk - Fruity Trudy ($2.00)  Eli LOVES milk!  He wanted to drink this right away, but settled on drinking it with dinner!  :)

Sour Power Straws - Strawberry ($0.80)  These are the only things I am not so excited about, but we will eat them.  lol

Paid $7.00
Value $10.55

I really like this box!  :)  I highly suggest it to anyone who is a kid at heart or has a kid!  :)

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