Monday, December 2, 2013

BinkaBox November 2013

We subscribe to BinkaBox for Jack.  :)  We do the starter box and recieve 1-2 items each month in it.  This box is $12.00 each month, the BinkaBox is $24.00 a month for 3-4 items, the BinkaBox premium is $34.00 a month for 5-6 items.  :)

This was actually my favorite box from BinkaBox yet!  :)

Froggy bath mit ($5.00?)  This is a great bath mit!  But I can't find it on their site...

Play cell phone ($5.00?)  This is really well made and Jack enjoys it.  Again I can't find it on their site...

Paid $12.00
Value $10.00?

 I really liked this box!  This was our favorite one yet!  :)

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