Monday, February 25, 2013

Bluum Baby Box Review (January)

We have been subscribing to Bluum Baby for about 6 months now.  :)  Some of the boxes have been FANTASTIC!  Some not so much.  But I guess that is what happens when you subscribe to monthly boxes, right? 

In the past they have had smaller boxes with "deluxe" samples and 1 or 2 full size items in each box.  Now (as of February) they have moved up to bigger boxes with more full sized items in it.  I will review our February box when we get it.  :)  But...  (there is always a but!) now the price has gone up!  I believe it was about $15 a box, and now it's gone up to $25 a box!  So that is a little draw back...  I liked getting the box for $15 because it was a cheaper little fun box to get.  :)

So anyways, lets get to the goodies!  :)

This is the small box that they have been using.  :)

This is what the "Tummy Time" box looked like when we opened it. 
The little note that they include in the box.  It's all about tummy time and how important it is.  This is the 4 month old box.

First item out of the box.  A keep-it-kleen binky!  Jack has one of these already and doesn't really like it... 
But it will make a good regift!  :)

Next out was the Triple Paste medicated ointment for diaper rash.  We have used this in the past and it's awesome! 
Excited for a full sized bottle!

Next was and Angel Dear monkey stick rattle.  Jack liked this!  :)  Plus there is a 20% off coupon code with it.
And last but totally not least, Honest Wipes!  I have been REALLY WANTING to try these wipes and
am SUPER excited to recieve these!  :) :) :)  Can't wait to use them!

Total box worth: $18.08 
Over all this box was a good box.  I am excited about the wipes and Jack liked the rattle.  :)

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