Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Ecocentric Mom Baby Box (Review)

This is my first review of an Ecocentric Mom Baby Box!  February is our first box.  And let me tell you, so far it's a great experience!

This is the box that all the goodies came in! 

This is what the box looked like when you opened it... Sorry that it's sideways! I can't get it to turn! :/

Inside there were 2 cards with descriptions on them...  One with all of the items in the box, the other was a little card about eco-living.
First out were these dish soaps!  5 samples of Life Tree Citrus Dish Soap!  All in a cute little bag.  I am sort of obsessed with natural/organic dish soap, mush to the dismay of Rick, so I am really excited about this!

Out next were these lotion samples for baby.  Lafes Natural Baby Lotion.  They look cool....  But I tend to not use lotion on the littles....  :/  But cool to give as a gift!

Now THIS is something that I am really excited about trying!  IN LOVE With Bodycare Baby Love Soothing Salve!  I am crazy about diaper rash creams...  And this one looks GREAT!  I can't wait to try it out on the littles tush!  :)

Next was an Athena Greek Yogurt Bar in blueberry.  I am not so into "bars", but I think Rick will enjoy this!

Now comes 2 gift cards! 
A $20.00 one to Blue Green Organix.  I am not so into this...  So I don't think I will be using it.
And one from Ringley for $10.00.  I might have ordered from this company....  But not interested in ordering right now.
So I will not be using either gift card from this box.  :/
This is a little Goulibeur French Shortbread.  It's really cute and looks yummy....  But I think Eli will steal it before I get it! :)
Next out was Green Alligator Bubble Bath!  This will be used right away!  The littles LOVE bubbles in their bath so this was a great item!!  :) :)
This was another AWESOME item...  So awesome that little used it right away and now it's MIA!  lol.
 It's a Family Bedrock Siliconies Diamond Bangle.  We got one in yellow and Jack has been chewing on it NON-STOP!  Love it!!!

In total the whole box (including gift cards) was worth: $86.33
I paid: $21 for the whole box!

Overall, it was totally worth it!  We will really enjoy the chew bangle, the rash cream and the bubble bath!  I am very impressed with this box so far and can't wait till next month!  :)

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