Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Pnuts box review

I am super excited about this box from Little Pnuts!  I won this box from City Mom Blogs Network awhile ago.  :)  I chose to get this box for Jack's age because Eli gets a monthly subscription to Citrus Lane.  I totally loved this box and would subscribe except for the little fact that I don't have a job and am enjoying being a stay at home mom for a while!  :)

Little Pnuts is a quarterly box that comes for ages 0-6!  Huge age range!  :)  You can pay $25 monthly or $240 annualy.  (On another note, this was started by the mom of a 26 weeker!  Awesome to support preemie mama's!)

On to the box!

Such a cute logo!
In each box they include a little pamphlet with info about the special delivery!

This is Tall Tom from Haba. It's a really cool toy! 
It's a stacking toy that is velcro. 
Lots of cool little extras like the crinkle sound, mirror and ring.
This is the Baby Car from Plan Toys.
Eli loves playin with this one with Jack.  :)

This is a Clutching Toy Little Friend.
Jack likes this one! He is very flexable
and useful for teething!

This is Jack's favorite item in the box! 
Indestructibles book Wiggle! March!
It is chewproof, rip proof and washable!

Over all this box was AWESOME!  I really wish we could afford a subscription, but alas we can't! 

Paid: FREE because I won it!
Worth: $60.96
Woot Woot!

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