Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Citrus Lane April Box (3.5 year old boy)

Ok!  So this is our monthly subscription to Citrus Lane.  We have been subscribing to CL for a little less than a year.  It has been pretty great!  They have changed things lately and now go from 0-5!  Woot Woot!  They also don't have themes anymore so they just send random items.  This months box was outta the ballpark so we were really happy with it!
The box that Eli loves!  :)

This is the card that comes in the box explaining all the items.

First up is the Melissa and Doug Wooden Baby Zoo Animals Stamp Set.
We bought a family pass to the zoo so you KNOW Eli loved this!
Plus who doesn't love stamps?!?!

This is the Innobaby Keepin Fresh box.
It will be good for Eli's snack at school. :)

This is an oogaa silicone placemant. 
Eli likes the little animals on it... 
I think Jack might get more use out of this though!

And lastly...  Honest Co. shampoo and body wash!
This was what I was most excited about in this box!
I love the idea behind the Honest Co and can't wait to try this out!
 Over all this box was AWESOME!
I paid about $21.00 for the box (have a year subscription)
Box is worth $29.93
Eli's favorite thing is the stamp set...  Take a look!  :)

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