Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We won! (Green Kids Crafts giveaway)

So we won a Green Kids Crafts giveaway!  It was a $50 gift certificate to Box Play for KidsBox Play for Kids is a very green awesome company.  They are basically stickers that you use to change something (toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, mac and cheese box, tissue box, egg carton, etc) into something else (bowling pins, buildings, baseball bats, etc).  There are different sets that you can buy that include different stickers, or you can buy individual stickers.  They even have party sets!  :)  One of the sets that I bought is the 10 shark party set for a water play date that I am planning for the summer!

We had already heard of Box Play for Kids because we won a set from Box Play for Kids from a Stork Stack giveaway a couple of months ago but we haven't used that set yet. 

For $50 we got a TON of stuff!

We got a set of 3 bowling pins, a set of 3 buildings, 2 baseball bats, 10 sharks,
a binocular set and a super hero wrist band set!

Eli wanted to make the binoculars today.

Good thing we had 2 toilet paper rolls!

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