Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ipsy GlamBag (May 2013)

This was my first Ipsy GlamBag and I AM AMAZED!  It was an AWESOME bag! 

First of all the packaging is FANTASTIC! 
What girl wouldn't want to see this cute pink bubble wrap in her mail box?!
Each month you get a cute make-up bag, this month's was blue, orange and white chevron print.
This is the Zoya nailpolish in Julie. 
When I saw the spoiler for this I REALLY wanted the purple or the yellow
and am SO HAPPY I got this color! 
I already painted my nails!  lol
This is Mirabella in Day Dream.  This is a really light glossy color.  Like it!
These are Juice Beauty lipgloss in Champaign.  Very glossy and light in color.
and the Yaby concealer in Honey.  I am excited about this one because I am still new to make-up and this isn't intimidating at all!  :)
And finally my FAVORITE thing in the bag!  Pacifica Gardenia Roller-Ball Perfume.
I thought that the nailpolish would be my favorite, but this is totally!
The scent is wonderful and I put it on right away and it wears beautifuly!
I am really happy I got this one and not the vanilla one!  lol
I paid $10.00 for this bag.
The total worth of this bag was $61.85!  I will think that is a great return on my purchase!  :)
I am super happy with my Ipsy GlamBag and I am really looking forward to next month!  :)

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