Monday, May 13, 2013

Smiley360 Mission-- Centrum Flavor Burst

I was able to try a new chewable vitamin (Centrum Flavor Burst) for FREE thanks to Smiley360!  So here is my review.  :)

Smiley360 sent me 2 Centrum Flavor Burst chewable vitamins to try out.  They were grape flavored and SO YUMMY!  The texture was good and they were really delicious!  :)  I am really excited about the fact that they tasted good because I REALLY don't like the chalky taste to most vitamins.  Plus I like the fact that they are chewable!  :)

Over all these were GREAT and all adults should try them out!  They have 2 awesome flavors (grape and mixed fruit) and they are really reasonably priced (you can get a 60 count bottle for $6.60 on Amazon!).  Totally worth the try!  :)

And here is a $2.00 off coupon!  :)

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