Sunday, June 30, 2013 Mystery Bag- June 2013 (Boy, 12-24 months)

So I have been watching for a mystery bag to come to one of the baby deal sites...  and finally had one that I was able to snatch up!  :)  It was $39.00 and it was WELL worth it!  Even Rick was impressed when I pulled out all the items!  :)  This is the mystery bag for a boy age 12-24 months.

Favorite Classic Tunes (Value $13.00)
Baby Signing Time Let's Be Friends (Value $19.99)

Buggy Guard (Value $24.99)  I have always wanted to have one...  now I do!
Monkey Doodlez Swim Diaper (Value $20.00) Considering the fact that I just lost Jack's...  Yeah!


Green Sprouts Aqua Bottle (Value $8.00)  We have one already, and Eli loves it!  So again, yeah!
Baby TripClip (Value $14.99)
Tag A Long (Value $9.99) Again, something else that I always wanted!  Woot woot!

Can you see why this is such a great mystery bag?!?!  AWESOME!  I will totally be looking out for the next one!  Head over to their website and sign up for emails if you want in on one too!  :)

Paid: $39.00
Value: $110.96!!!!!!!  TOTALLY WORTH IT!  :) :) :)

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