Monday, June 24, 2013

Citrus Lane June 2013 Unboxing

Citrus Lane is here again!  :)  Eli gets CL every month...  He is 3.5 years old.  :)  This subscription is $25.00 a month, but we have a year long subscription so it is a little cheaper.  :)

Eli really looks forward to his CL box every month.  And he is always excited to see the yellow and brown box by the front door!  :)

Something new that CL is offering is an "add on" option.  This month we got the email to add on something from Episencial.  I choose to add on the Peaceful Bubbles for the boys.  :)
Now on to the box!  :)

These are the 4 items from the box this month... 
Crocodile Creek drinking bottle: $11.99
Babo Botanicals Replenishing Bubble Bath and Wash: $14.95
Episencial Sunny Sunscreen: $6.94
Some random plastic beach toys...  Maybe $2.00?
Over all, Eli really liked this box.  There was some drama with CL over the sunscreen because the package is for a larger size and this 1.25 oz was a "Citrus Lane Exclusive".  The plastic beach toys were a bit disappointing for me...  But Eli likes them so it's ok!
Also, this box wasn't really "organized" like they normally are...  There was no card for discriptions or anything.  :(
We paid about $18.75 for the box
The value was $35.88, worth it for us.  :)

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