Monday, June 3, 2013

GlossyBox-- May Unboxing

So for my birthday I gifted myself (with the help of my father in law!) a 3 month subscription to GlossyBox.  I am excited for the next couple of months to try out this subscription!  :)  The box cost $21.00 per month or $60 for a 3 month sub.  Sometimes there are coupons though!  So you should check it out!  :)  Each box has about 5 sample size products of quality!  :)  And the boxes are SUPER cute!

This was the 1 year anniversary box.  :)

Slow IT Body Wash and Lotion samples  $0.50 (?)
I am excited about the mask!  And I am always loving body wash!  As for the serum...  YIKES that's a lot of money!  There is also a coupon for a free wax from European Wax Center.  I won't use it and won't count it towards the value of the box.
I love solid perfumes...  :)
I don't use eye liner... So this isn't really for me.  :/

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray  $6.00

Over all this box was pretty good.  :) 

I paid $16.00 for this box because I had a coupon code and the value was $73.07!  Totally worth it!  :)

I am really looking forward to next month's box!  It's called American Beauty!  :)  Woot Woot!

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