Friday, June 14, 2013

May Little Book Club Unboxing

Soooooo....  We got a month subscription to The Little Book Club in May.  I bought a deal through Plum District for a one month sub for only $11.70!  Great price considering normally a month costs $25.00.  :)  When I first heard about this sub box, I REALLY wanted it to be great!  I am a book fanatic!  Eli and Jack have ALL KINDS of books already!  lol.  :)  The May box theme for a 3.5 year old was Dogs and Cats....  Right up Eli's ally!  :)

The box is super cute!  I really loved the color and the label!  :)
I also LOVED that they included a personalized envelope for Eli!  He recognizes his name now and loved seeing it in print! 

The three books that came were Skippy jon Jones ($6.99), Harry the Dirty Dog ($6.99) and Tumford the Terrible ($16.99).  Two were soft cover and one hard cover.  We didn't have any of these so that was great!  :)

I paid $11.70 for a month subscription and we recieved $30.97 worth of books!  Totally worth it...


There were MANY problems with the shipping on this.  First of all, I placed my order the first week of May and my order didn't ship till the last week of May.  :(  And then I recived the shipping notification about a week before the books actually shipped!  :(  So this sub box is a no go for us...  :(

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