Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodies Unboxing- June 2013

This is the first month that we have gotten Goodies.  :)  This is a fairly new subscription box of snacks.  I am **normally** not into snack boxes, but this one was only $4.00 to try through (but it's no longer available).  So I went ahead and tried it.  :)  This company is backed by WalMart...  So you don't always get the healthiest snacks...  But they were yummy!  :)

The subscription is $7.00 a month.  Really not a bad deal for a box of snacks!  :)

                (These were tasty.  I don't know if I would have bought them myself, but they were tasty.)
Pastitas Garlic Parmesan Pasta Chips- $2.99
                              (Rick is excited to try these.  His new favorite thing is garlic parmesan fries!  :)
                               (These are yummy!  Enough said!)
                                (I just couldn't do it!  I gave these to my sister...  She is braver than I!)
                              (Eli and I tried these...  Not the best shortbread cookies we have eaten.)
                               (I sent this off to my SIL...  She needs help sleeping!  And I was to scared to
                                actually use this when the babies still wake up in the night!)
Over all this box wasn't bad...  Only two things that I wouldn't use and I passed them on to people who will!  :)
Paid: $4.00 ( deal)
Value: $12.68  (Good value of snacks!)

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