Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swaggable--- Hail Merry Salt and Pepper Sunflower Seeds Review

So I found another review site...  Swaggable!  Swaggable will send you samples of products that you indicate that you would like to try.  So far I have been chosen for 3 samplings...  This is the first one I received and I am excited that I get to try out new things!  :)

This is the sample of Hail Merry Salt and Pepper Sunflower Seeds.  They are (obviously) raw, vegan and gluten free.  :)  They were...  interesting!  lol.  At first taste, they were really good.  I love sunflower seeds and was excited to try these.  But...  The after taste was not so hot!  It was REALLY peppery...  So I guess if you like peppery things, you would really like these! 

Over all, I won't be buying them again because they were to peppery for me.  But try them out...  You never know!  :)

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