Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SOAR Superhero Box #2

This month Eli got the SOAR Superhero box #2.  We bought a 3 month subscription and this is our second month.  From what I gather, whenever you sign up you will get the boxes in order 1, 2, 3, etc.  So this is box number two. 

In each box you get a treat to use.  The treat in the first box was a cape.  This treat is a water bottle with SOAR on it.  Eli is a little young to use this kind of bottle, but he will like to play with it.  :)
Also in each box you get a comic book.  This is episode 2.  Eli likes these comic books.
And included in each box is a mission card with a  mission for the resident superhero on it.  Also stickers and character cards.  These two characters are featured in the comic book this month. 
Eli likes this box, but it is a little over his head at 3 years old.  So we will enjoy it for another month and then maybe we will subscribe again when he gets older.  :)

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