Friday, August 16, 2013

Goodies Kids- August 2013

This is the first ever Goodies Kids box!  :) 
I signed up because
A) it's $7.00 for a box of snacks
B) I want Eli to expand his snacking-ness from just fruit snacks!

I was plesantly surprised!  :)

The box comes black and white so that the kids can color it!  Such a cute idea!  :)

Cheezy Crisps ($2.24)  Eli will like these!

got milk? Vanilla Milkshake ($3.85)  We have been wanting to try these!  :)

 Motts Meledy's Fruit Snacks ($0.25)  Eli loves them!
Crunchy Cookies - Double Chocolate ($0.65)
Tangy Zangy Twisties - Wild Fruit ($0.50)

Hawaiian Fun Animal Cookies ($1.79)  I love that it's different and yet familliar for Eli!  :)
Bare Fruit - Fuji Apple Chips ($1.74)

Paid $7.00
Value $11.02

Great value!  And I think Eli will at least try all the snacks!  :)  I really like this box!  :)

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