Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bluum May 2013-- Giggle Monster Box

So this month we got a Bluum box.  We ordered it for Jack since Eli gets CL every month.  So Jack got the Giggle Monster box and we really liked it!  :)  Bluum is $25.00 a month and they have a different theme for every month of age.  They do have some customer service issues, but I have to say that each box we have gotten from them has been a really good box. 

This is the box!  Lots of cute things all around!
Jack LOVES Mum Mum's so I was super happy to find these.  New flavor (Apple) and a $1.00 off coupon!  SCORE!  ($2.94)
This is another thing that Jack enjoyed!  Bobo Buddy Caterpillar Paci Holder.  Tonight he had the yellow end in his mouth and was happily chewing on it...  Not the paci!  lol.  It's cute and not to big and you can change out the paci's!  Awesome!  ($13.99)
BabyBug May/June 2013 toddler magazine.  Cute, but IDK what Jack would do with it other than drool...  lol.  ($3.77)
This is cute!  It's called a B Kids Twist n' Smile.  Jack will really enjoy this on the plane ride to New York!  :)  Very colorful and makes rattle sounds too!  ($7.39)
DreamBaby Bath Tub Thermometer.  Eli loves this one right now!  He loves thermometers.  lol.  ($13.99)
Angel Dear Monster Blankie.  Jack will LOVE this!  He has a little caterpillar that he likes to sleep with and I think this just might take over!  :)  ($8.17)
And finally, last but not least, a mOmma teether Fred the Penguin!  Jack already has a walrus one but he really likes it and I think this might make it's way to the freezer soon!  :)  ($5.99)
Over all this box was perfect for Jack!  The value is estimated at $57.24!  What a great value!  :) :)

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