Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cravebox-- Spring Cleaning Box

I ordered the Spring Cleaning box from Cravebox.  I wasn't to impressed, but that's what happens sometimes when you order boxes that you don't know what comes inside! :)

                    This is what came in the box!

These are Disposer Care for the disposal.  One freshens between cleanings ($4.99) and the other is the cleaner with bleach ($4.99).

Worlds Best Glass Cleaner, travel size (ammonia free, streak less) ($1.30)

Two sample sizes of Gain Fireworks (original scent) ($.50 each)

Coupons in the box.  One is for a free Spot Shot instant carpet stain remover!! (About $5.00)
There was also a code to get a free digital download of a CD to clean to.  :). It was all country  music! Woot!

Over all the box was worth about $26.28 not including the coupons.  I paid $13.00.  It was ok...  I won't really be using the Spot Shot (going to give it to my mom) or the dry cleaning kit.  I will totally try out the glass cleaner and the fireworks.  :)  But sometimes you get a great box and sometimes you don't!  So it's all good!  I entered the Mommy and Me box drawing...  Guess we will see how it goes!  :)

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