Friday, May 3, 2013

Seventh Generation Review (Smiley360)

Thank You, Smiley360 for the chance to review these Seventh Generation products!  :) 

First of all, I am NOT a lotion person.  :/  But for review purposes, I used and tried these lotions.  :)
I tried the Manderin body wash and got 2 uses out of it.  I liked the clean feeling, but I didn't like the fact that there wasn't really a scent to it.  I like body wash with a scent because I don't use lotion. 
The lotion was Lavender scented and I also got 2 uses out of it.  I really liked the scent and it did leave my skin soft.  Rick said that he liked the scent too!  :)
My favorite thing for Mom that they sent was the Manderin facial wipe!  It was AWESOME!  I wish they had sent more than one!  Since I am getting older (29 in a week, YIKES!) my face is changing...  It feels much more oily and I don't like it!  :(  But after using this my face felt awesome!  I am totally going to purchase more of these this weekend!  :)
Eli used the Baby wash.  It had no scent, which is ok for the kids.  :)  I got one use out of his sample.  He said that he liked it and I think that it left him pretty clean.  :)
Eli didn't like the lotion (sensory issues!) so I used the lotion on Jack.  I got one use of out it. Jack seemed to like it.  There was really no smell to this lotion, again ok for the boys!  :)
I used the laundry soap on the boys laundry and got one use out of it.  The soap worked great and I really liked the way the clothes felt when they came out of the laundry!  :)
Over all, I am impressed by most of the Seventh Generation products!  They seem to be really awesome for a green, clean home!  I would have liked to try some of the other cleaning products, but I guess I will have to try them out another time!  :)
I give Seventh Generation an A!

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